Inna de Yard welcomes a celebrity guest on its new single : Johnny Osbourne
A fantastic new duo with Winston McAnuff, destined to become a «classic» in the series.
New track taken from the upcoming album out June 2.

Two Jamaïcan living legends meet at the top of the mountain, taking centre stage of the “yard”.
Winston McAnuff, one of Jamaïcan’s most popular singers in France and Johnny Osbourne, who wrote the ‘70s classic tune « Truth & Rights », breathe a new life into this poignant song popularised by Nina Simone exactly 45 years ago.
The two musical juggernauts combine their powerful soul voices to remind us of the hardships of living in a deprived city, be it Baltimore or Kingston.

Listen to “Baltimore”

Inna de Yard, meaning “in the yard” in Jamaican patois, has resurrected the essence of Jamaica’s musical culture. More than just a collective, it’s about a state of mind, a form of creative revival, teeming with raw collaborative energy. Stripped back to a simple, acoustic approach, outdoors, closer to the natural vibrations of instruments and voices.

Initiated by the French label Makasound (founded by the same professionals who then set up Chapter Two) in the 2000s, eight Inna de Yard records followed, recorded in the open air in Kingston.

In 2016, the Philharmonie de Paris decided to dedicate its next exhibition to Jamaica and approached Chapter Two and Inna de Yard to reconnect with this unique musical experience. The adventure continued with the album “The Soul of Jamaica” released in March 2017 and a sold-out tour

The Jamaican collective then decided to record a new opus of “Inna de Yard“, bringing together the most iconic tracks in their repertoire. It was while recording this album that Peter Webber directed the film “Inna de Yard”. Inna de Yard then returned to the stage with a European tour.

After 3 tour cancelled for Covid reasons between 2020 and 2022, the collective decided to record a new album in December 2022.

Gathering the legendary Cedric Myton, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus I once again, the collective invite this time the Rocksteady duo Keith & Tex and the iconic 70’s singer Johnny Osbourne to join them for the session. Alongside the younger Derajah, Kush McAnuff and Steve Newland. After the death of guitarist Winston ‘Bopee’ Bowen, this is Dwight Pinkney (original Roots Radics) who sit back with other musicians : pianist Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul, bassist Delroy ‘Worm’ Neville, percussionist Alphonso Craig and horn section directed by Guillaume ‘Stepper’ Briard (Everals Gayle on trombone, Donaldson Bernard Sheldon on flute, and Dean Fraser as a guest). UK Reggae specialist David Katz says it’s « their best episode »